MineCraft Pocket Edition

This is a tutorial I made about crafting, shearing sheep, and taming wolves.

This video guides you through the new 0.9.5 advanced world generation options.

0.11.0 Beta

Yesterday (April 8, 2015), Mojang came out with the beta version of MCPE 0.11.0. Here are some screenshots.

As you can see, Mojang changed their icon for MCPE. The only difference is that it used to be rounder and more bubbly.

This is the title page. As you can see, we are on build 1. They have added a settings shortcut from the homescreen and a language changer option.

Now this is HUGE. Mojang has finally added the option to change your skin on MCPE. You can either add a custom skin or you can pick between Alex and the original Steve.

This is showing the change of how to add a server. The little button on the left is now the navigation for playing on servers.

This page is definitely useful. This is and editing option for an already existing world. If the world is "old" type, you can make it infinite. This feature is very buggy, though, so I do not recommend using it yet. You can also change your world between survival and creative.

One of the most important features I missed were the new boats! I neglected to get a screenshot and do not have access to a computer until tomorow. Be patient and I will post more. Thanks for reading!